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How to Accessorize Your Style With These Four Types of Sterling Silver Earrings – Studs, Hoops, Drops and Jhumkas

When shopping for sterling silver earrings, women and men are always at sixes and sevens while deciding what to buy.
In the previous article, we showered light upon the five reasons to buy sterling silver but choosing from a wide range of sparkling silver earrings and trying to decide which pair of Silvenza earrings to buy is a trivial question.
We know you’re confused – read further; you’ll find a clear distinction about which style of earrings to choose.
There are some key aspects to consider when deciding which earrings to wear. Ideally, the earrings should complement your face, hairstyle, dress, and occasion – formal or casual.

Silver stud earrings

Studs are the most conventional and timeless, elegant yet classic pair of jewelry that you must own. A pair of studs suit well with every outfit as they add a tinge of elegance to casual outfits such as denim and top. Apart from everyday wear, silver studs add sophistication to a cocktail dress as well. Their flexibility and versatility are some of the reasons why they will never go out of style.
You can never go wrong while carrying Silvenza stud earrings with a hair-down look.

Silver drop earrings

Drop earrings make a bold statement with their eye-catching oeuvre. This style of sterling silver earrings looks terrific if you have a heart-shaped or round face, but like a hoop, drops look beautiful on everyone if you pick the right style.
Silvenza’s simple drop earrings indeed hold more elegance than silver stud earrings and can add glamour to any outfit.

Silver hoop earrings

Hoops come in many shapes and sizes, but generally, it’s best to invest in simple designs. These earrings have made a huge comeback and are excellent because of their diverse range and irresistible aesthetic. They make perfect accessories for all casual outfits and even look great if you wish to style them with a high ponytail for your next business meeting.
Hoops are the perfect style for those who have a longer face or angular jawlines, but we bet they’d look fantastic on you irrespective of your face shape.

Silvenza jhumka earrings

If you’re searching for accessories for your ethnic dress, then silvenza jhumka earrings are a perfect amalgamation of traditional design and modern outlook. Whether you pair these sterling silver earrings with a saree or a kurti, your styling won’t ever go wrong. Nevertheless, jhumka earrings add a bold, beautiful charm to your western ensemble, too.
You can choose from a wide range of Silvenza jhumka collections and add an ‘oomph’ factor to your wardrobe.

Accessorize your outfits with Silvenza

Are you looking for the perfect earring collection to match your style?
With an elegant, beautiful pair of Silvenza earrings, you can add sparkles to your present collection and revamp your look. Browse through an extensive collection of sterling silver earrings to make a fashion statement with any outfit.

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