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Sterling Silver Earrings Are The Best Accessories

Silvenza offers an array of eye-catching silver earrings from which to choose. From dazzling studs to dainty dangling earrings. Silvenza aims to provide stylish jewelry pieces to add to your wardrobe that are of the highest quality at affordable prices. The earrings found at Silvenza are beautiful and trendy, but most importantly, they are sterling silver. Here’s why sterling silver earrings make the best choice in accessories.

What is sterling silver?

You may have heard the phrase sterling silver before, but let’s take a closer look at what it means. Sterling silver is a pure silver alloy that is 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. When shopping for silver jewelry, it is essential to look for a “925” symbol, which signifies sterling silver. Like most metals used for jewelry making, pure silver is too soft to create a practical jewelry piece. This means that will last for a long time when used regularly. Adding other metals like copper to pure silver makes the resulting sterling silver much more robust. This increased strength means that your sterling Silver Earrings are much more practical because they are less likely to break, bend, or become damaged in any way. Other jewelry-making metals such as gold, platinum, or copper are considered too soft, expensive, or not as attractive as sterling silver.

Sterling silver earrings make great accessories

Sterling silver earrings retain the allure that silver carries without sacrificing practicality and usability. They are sturdy, which means that you can be confident knowing that your preferred pair of earrings will remain intact while you tackle your day. They will stay in excellent condition throughout repeated use. Not only can you wear your favorite pair of sterling silver earrings regularly, but you can also wear them with certainty that you’re wearing trendy jewelry pieces that add flair to your outfit. Wearing your earrings often is easy when you have peace of mind that you have purchased something solid and capable of keeping up with you as you go about your busy life in style.

Sterling silver earrings are affordable.

Silvenza aims to allow every individual to express their inner beauty and style through jewelry. Sterling silver is an incredibly reasonable option for purchasing on-trend jewelry pieces without sacrificing style and beauty for functionality. When you buy earrings at Silvenza, you are assured of high-quality earrings.  These earrings are beautiful and still affordable. This offering means that you can affordably and regularly update your accessory collection. You can have the option to own multiple pairs of silver earrings that are fit for any occasion. Silvenza’s wide offering means that you can have your pick. From simple studs to complement any casual outfit to a sparkly pair of earrings to enjoy a night out.

Investing in Sterling Silver Earrings is the best way to compliment any outfit with a gorgeous accessory while knowing that you are wearing jewelry that is practical, affordable, and wont easily be damaged.

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Wear A Silver Pendant Close To Your Heart

Peace of mind can be a bit elusive because we live such busy and often anxiety-filled lives. One of the many connotations of silver is that it promotes peace of mind. There is no better way to encourage peaceful thinking than to wear a beautiful silver pendant on a chain that sits close to your heart. Just like the moon reflects the light from the sun, also silver pendants from Silvenza will give you the option to accessorize your outfits with a stunning jewelry piece and will also display your style fashionably and affordably.

Silver Pendants Reflect Your Style.

There is something extraordinary and romantic about a Silver Pendant that rests close to your heart, which can reflect your personality through your style choices. Silver pendants are probably the first piece of jewelry that people will notice you wearing. These style choices can say a lot about who you are. You can project your personality’s fun and creative side by choosing a silver pendant with a unique heart shape from Silvenza’s online store. Or choose to project a more sophisticated image with a geometrically shaped pendant from our collection of silver pendants for women. There are so many options to choose from, all filled with stunning and sparkling high-quality glass stones. Your personality can also shine through your choice of accessories, just as a silver pendant catches the light.

A Reminder Close To Your Heart

Your style expression is also essential when choosing a pendant, and that is why we regularly update our collection of silver pendants for women. You can purchase high-quality sterling silver pieces from us that will match your style. It is something that you can wear to portray the aspects of your personality that you want the world to see. Silver is a symbol of perseverance, patience, kindness, healing, prosperity, and mental peace. Wearing a Silver Pendant close to your beating heart, you can carry these qualities from place to place with you. 

Shop at Silvenza

Silvenza has a wide variety of silver pendants to suit your style and price range. With a passion for providing options for high-quality sterling silver jewelry pieces. You can be assured of purchasing something that you can wear every single day without fear of damage. Silvenza promises safe and secure payment and delivery of your items. This offering gives you ease and peace of mind. You can shop from the comfort of your own home for your next favorite silver pendant. Silvenza’s collection of accessories is regularly updated to give you more and more options to reflect your style through your choice of jewelry.

Silver pendants are the best choice to make when you want a stunning piece of jewelry that reflects your personality. This excellent choice of jewelry will serve as a reminder of peace of mind that sits close to your heart. Embrace peace of mind through your accessory choice when selecting from Silvenza’s affordable collection of Silver Pendants for Girls.

Silver Rings
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A Silver Ring Makes The Best Gift

Do you want to gift the person who holds your heart with something that will bring a smile to her face whenever she looks at her hand? Then shop silver rings online with Silvenza. With a wide range of Silver Rings For Girls, you’re spoilt for choice with Silvenza’s offering. Women adore silver rings as they make the perfect accessory to any outfit. They are low-maintenance accessories, and can hold so much meaning in a single small form. You will be able to give the perfect gift to honor the special person in your life. There are so many reasons to buy silver rings online as gifts. 


When giving a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion to the woman you love, you don’t want to have the meaning behind the gift misconstrued with an accidental proposal. Purchasing a silver ring is the perfect solution to this dilemma because it does not symbolize marriage but instead makes for a gift packed with meaning and bestowed with love.

Women tend to have some complex feelings behind gifts and jewelry, but you can never go wrong when gifting silver rings. Your gift will be thoughtful, and she will cherish it because she knows you picked something with her on your mind. When you shop silver rings online, picking out the perfect gift is easy because the process is smooth and efficient when you shop at Silvenza.

With a wide range of trendy designs, you have your pick of high-quality sterling silver pieces to choose from that are sure to be treasured by the woman in your life. From dainty pieces to statement rings, you have your pick of gifting options. Secure payment and delivery will give you peace of mind as you invest in her smile with a stylish silver ring. You will want to keep coming back for all your gift-giving solutions when you shop at Silvenza.


Give her something that will make her smile when she wears that special piece of jewelry which shows how highly you think of her. Silver has many connotations that include female energy, strength, success, grace, and sophistication. When you gift the woman you love with a silver ring, you’re letting her know that you honor and respect all these aspects within her.

She will constantly be reminded of how special you make her feel when she catches a glimpse of your gift to her every day, as she wears and makes use of it. She will be reminded of your respect and devotion to all she embodies in your life with this glamorous and cost-effective gift.


When you Shop Silver Rings Online with Silvenza, you can have peace of mind in a product that is of high quality, hassle-free gift shopping, and a silver ring that will light up your loved ones’ face whenever she sees it. You don’t need to spend any time wondering what the perfect gift is because you’ve already found it in Silvenza’s collection of silver rings for girls.

Accessorize your style with sterling silver earrings
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How to Accessorize Your Style With These Four Types of Sterling Silver Earrings – Studs, Hoops, Drops and Jhumkas

When shopping for sterling silver earrings, women and men are always at sixes and sevens while deciding what to buy.
In the previous article, we showered light upon the five reasons to buy sterling silver but choosing from a wide range of sparkling silver earrings and trying to decide which pair of Silvenza earrings to buy is a trivial question.
We know you’re confused – read further; you’ll find a clear distinction about which style of earrings to choose.
There are some key aspects to consider when deciding which earrings to wear. Ideally, the earrings should complement your face, hairstyle, dress, and occasion – formal or casual.

Silver stud earrings

Studs are the most conventional and timeless, elegant yet classic pair of jewelry that you must own. A pair of studs suit well with every outfit as they add a tinge of elegance to casual outfits such as denim and top. Apart from everyday wear, silver studs add sophistication to a cocktail dress as well. Their flexibility and versatility are some of the reasons why they will never go out of style.
You can never go wrong while carrying Silvenza stud earrings with a hair-down look.

Silver drop earrings

Drop earrings make a bold statement with their eye-catching oeuvre. This style of sterling silver earrings looks terrific if you have a heart-shaped or round face, but like a hoop, drops look beautiful on everyone if you pick the right style.
Silvenza’s simple drop earrings indeed hold more elegance than silver stud earrings and can add glamour to any outfit.

Silver hoop earrings

Hoops come in many shapes and sizes, but generally, it’s best to invest in simple designs. These earrings have made a huge comeback and are excellent because of their diverse range and irresistible aesthetic. They make perfect accessories for all casual outfits and even look great if you wish to style them with a high ponytail for your next business meeting.
Hoops are the perfect style for those who have a longer face or angular jawlines, but we bet they’d look fantastic on you irrespective of your face shape.

Silvenza jhumka earrings

If you’re searching for accessories for your ethnic dress, then silvenza jhumka earrings are a perfect amalgamation of traditional design and modern outlook. Whether you pair these sterling silver earrings with a saree or a kurti, your styling won’t ever go wrong. Nevertheless, jhumka earrings add a bold, beautiful charm to your western ensemble, too.
You can choose from a wide range of Silvenza jhumka collections and add an ‘oomph’ factor to your wardrobe.

Accessorize your outfits with Silvenza

Are you looking for the perfect earring collection to match your style?
With an elegant, beautiful pair of Silvenza earrings, you can add sparkles to your present collection and revamp your look. Browse through an extensive collection of sterling silver earrings to make a fashion statement with any outfit.

Thank us later!

5 Reasons to buy Sterling Silver

5 Reasons to buy Sterling Silver Jewellery

Many metal purists have been assigning a lousy name to sterling silver. But, we are here to bust any traditional myths before making up your mind to buy 925 sterling silver jewelry.
Silver has been the best bet for bijouterie admirers from times immemorial. We are also optimistic, it will continue to reign the hearts of those craving for durability, versatility, and luxury.
You’re mistaken if you believe that silver is just a cheap alternative to white gold or platinum. Sterling silver has its own value; it holds a dignified position in the industry, and Silvenza jewelry is your connecting link between tradition and modernity.

It is a precious metal.

Silver, known as a precious metal since ancient periods, is used in jewelry manufacture even today. Although sterling silver is relatively inexpensive, it does have a widely recognized brand value as it is neither plated nor fake. Another explanation for you to buy 925 sterling silver jewelry is the hallmark S925 or 925, which renders Silvenza jewelry its very own trademark.

It is the most affordable precious jewelry.

You might not be able to build a vast array of gold or diamond trinkets; you can still have a massive collection of sterling silver. This rift is because sterling silver is more affordable than other precious jewelry. Silvenza’s online sterling silver jewelry collection will spoil you for choice as we create unique designs which suit your personality and style. If you’re someone who likes to add vibrancy and colors, you can skim through our gemstone jewelry collection and choose the perfect match for your ethnic and western wear.

It is durable with low-to-no maintenance.

Here’s the catch; the best way to retain your jewelry’s sparkle and prevent it from tarnishing is to wear it more often; it is easy to maintain. After knowing this aspect, we’re sure you’d love to own a vast collection of sterling silver jewelry. It stands the test of time without compromising on timelessness and durability.

You can build a vast collection and pair it with various outfits.

With Silvenza jewelry in your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest trends. Its workable properties give us the freedom to craft designs as per the latest trends and empower you with the liberty to pair our collection of online sterling silver jewelry with various outfits. You can style Silvenza jewelry with your office ensemble or party gown and carry it with you for a family vacation or casual outing with friends. Don’t hesitate to stop by our physical or online store to browse through our collections and revamp your look.

You can enjoy the health benefits of silver.

In contrast to other ornaments, sterling silver is hypoallergenic and poses no risk to your skin. You can satisfy the urge to wear trendy jewelry without worrying about allergies. Apart from its benefits for the skin, silver is significantly known for regulating energy levels and balancing mood. If you’re someone who believes in astrology, many astrologers might suggest wearing a combination of pearl and silver to attract the moon’s energy and calmness.

Parting shot

Jewelry is indeed one of the best investments for those who love to experiment with their look, and you must not think twice before buying 925 sterling silver jewelry. Whether you’re looking for jewelry to make a fashion statement or to complete your look, the bright and sparkling coloring of silver jewelry will suit you the most.
Like gold, silver will continue to maintain its position as a precious metal and possibly increase in value over time. So, rather than burning a hole in your pocket with one item of gold, won’t it be great to invest in different collections of Silvenza jewelry without running out of budget?

We know you’re convinced enough, aren’t you?
Now you know whom to thank when compliments start pouring in. Get your hands on Silvenza’s stunning online sterling silver jewelry and add variety to your collection!

Types of Silver Jewelry

Types of Silver Jewelry – Are You Wearing ‘Real’ Silver?

Jewelry is a treasure, something personal and valuable, adored and appreciated by all those who own it. Silver jewelry has long entranced humans with its sparkling splendor and beautiful ornamental value.

But how much do you know about the different types of silver jewelry and which is the best quality?

With our years-long expertise in designing and making sterling silver jewelry, we’ve curated a rundown through the types of silver jewellery.

Fine .999 Silver Jewelery

Fine silver is the nearest metal to the purest form of silver. The 999 stamp we see on some silver jewels shows that 99.9% of it is pure. Fine silver looks comparatively grayer, is very delicate, easily scratched, or toothed. Silver is a comparatively soft metal, prone to scratches and dents hence, fine silver is not extensively used for jewelry except earrings and necklaces.

Sterling .925 Silver

92.5% fine silver, when alloyed with 7.5% copper, becomes sterling silver. The proportion of fine silver is why sterling silver has a 925 stamp and is widely known as “925 silver”. Copper makes silver harder, longer-lasting, and thus much easier to use and deal with without compromising its color.

Sterling jewelry is the most popular type of silver jewellery owing to its luster and bright color. You can easily find several options of sterling jewelry, such as our most loved Dream Ring. You can wear this silver ring as a statement piece for a much-awaited cocktail party, or a visit to the mall, or even gift it to your loved ones for any special occasion. The perfect proportion of fine silver and copper prevents our jewelry from tarnishing and does not affect your skin in any manner.

While fine silver and sterling silver are the best type used in jewelry, there are many other alloys such as Argentium silver and non-tarnish alloys, Coin silver, Nickel silver, Plated silver, and a lot more to choose from.

Coin silver

The silver content of this type is 90%, 2.5% lower than sterling silver. The remaining 10% consists of copper. It is known as “coin silver” because it consists of refined coins. You can find antique items and everyday decor items made of coin silver.

Nickel silver

The word ‘silver’ in this type refers to the color of the jewellery and not its contents. It is a base metal alloy consisting of copper mixed with zinc or nickel. It looks like silver, but it is inexpensive because it does not contain real silver.

How do you know if you’re wearing real sterling silver jewelry?

Most Silvenza jewelry lovers are familiar with the term sterling silver and have probably noticed the SS or 925 hallmarks stamped somewhere on their favorite ring or pendant. You can find the hallmark 925 or any variant of the term ‘sterling’ representing authentic sterling silver jewellery at discreet positions on the jewelry. You can also ask us for our magnifying glass to spot the hallmark!

The parting shot

The stunning, warm coloring of sterling silver jewelry renders it the top spot among everyone’s favorite types of silver jewellery. Furthermore, unlike lesser metals, people with delicate skin are unlikely to suffer a harmful impact. Besides these advantages, these jewelry brings value, class, and versatility to your collection.

Discover Silvenza’s collection of a wide range of jewelry in 925 sterling silver to coordinate and glam up your outfits.