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Types of Silver Jewelry – Are You Wearing ‘Real’ Silver?

Jewelry is a treasure, something personal and valuable, adored and appreciated by all those who own it. Silver jewelry has long entranced humans with its sparkling splendor and beautiful ornamental value.

But how much do you know about the different types of silver jewelry and which is the best quality?

With our years-long expertise in designing and making sterling silver jewelry, we’ve curated a rundown through the types of silver jewellery.

Fine .999 Silver Jewelery

Fine silver is the nearest metal to the purest form of silver. The 999 stamp we see on some silver jewels shows that 99.9% of it is pure. Fine silver looks comparatively grayer, is very delicate, easily scratched, or toothed. Silver is a comparatively soft metal, prone to scratches and dents hence, fine silver is not extensively used for jewelry except earrings and necklaces.

Sterling .925 Silver

92.5% fine silver, when alloyed with 7.5% copper, becomes sterling silver. The proportion of fine silver is why sterling silver has a 925 stamp and is widely known as “925 silver”. Copper makes silver harder, longer-lasting, and thus much easier to use and deal with without compromising its color.

Sterling jewelry is the most popular type of silver jewellery owing to its luster and bright color. You can easily find several options of sterling jewelry, such as our most loved Dream Ring. You can wear this silver ring as a statement piece for a much-awaited cocktail party, or a visit to the mall, or even gift it to your loved ones for any special occasion. The perfect proportion of fine silver and copper prevents our jewelry from tarnishing and does not affect your skin in any manner.

While fine silver and sterling silver are the best type used in jewelry, there are many other alloys such as Argentium silver and non-tarnish alloys, Coin silver, Nickel silver, Plated silver, and a lot more to choose from.

Coin silver

The silver content of this type is 90%, 2.5% lower than sterling silver. The remaining 10% consists of copper. It is known as “coin silver” because it consists of refined coins. You can find antique items and everyday decor items made of coin silver.

Nickel silver

The word ‘silver’ in this type refers to the color of the jewellery and not its contents. It is a base metal alloy consisting of copper mixed with zinc or nickel. It looks like silver, but it is inexpensive because it does not contain real silver.

How do you know if you’re wearing real sterling silver jewelry?

Most Silvenza jewelry lovers are familiar with the term sterling silver and have probably noticed the SS or 925 hallmarks stamped somewhere on their favorite ring or pendant. You can find the hallmark 925 or any variant of the term ‘sterling’ representing authentic sterling silver jewellery at discreet positions on the jewelry. You can also ask us for our magnifying glass to spot the hallmark!

The parting shot

The stunning, warm coloring of sterling silver jewelry renders it the top spot among everyone’s favorite types of silver jewellery. Furthermore, unlike lesser metals, people with delicate skin are unlikely to suffer a harmful impact. Besides these advantages, these jewelry brings value, class, and versatility to your collection.

Discover Silvenza’s collection of a wide range of jewelry in 925 sterling silver to coordinate and glam up your outfits.

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